VantaCore provides its customers with high quality, competitively priced products. We supply a complete range of aggregates, from graded limestone to washed sand, gravel and asphalt.

We employ over 250 people across the four business units, many of whom have worked at the same facility since its inception.

Our sales team is always pleased to discuss your requirements and offer advice on any aspect of our products and services. Should you require further information, please contact one of our sales managers at the locations listed below.

As part of our core values, integrity and honesty play a key role in how we conduct our business. Should you suspect any unethical behavior please contact the confidential, toll-free Hotline at 1-888-252-2396.

Winn Companies


Ben Walker, Sales Manager
(931) 572-0093

Winn Materials

Winn Materials, consisting of three quarries located in Clarksville, Tennessee and Grand Rivers, Kentucky, is managed by Sean Cotham, General Manager.

Winn Materials' Clarksville quarry was founded by Jerry Winn in 1996. It consists of 80 million tons of limestone reserves located on 175 acres in Clarksville, Tennessee, 50 miles northwest of Nashville. Associated with this quarry is a 600 foot marine terminal located on the Cumberland River. Quarry operations consist of blasting and crushing limestone from a rock seam over six hundred feet thick. At current production rates, Winn's mine life exceeds 50 years. Jerry remains with the Company as a consultant advising us on mining operations, equipment purchases and acquisitions. Winn Materials' Trenton quarry, located in Todd County, Kentucky, has 39 million tons of limestone reserves, and serves the southwestern Kentucky (including Hopkinsville) and northeastern Tennessee markets.

Winn's quarries supply Tennessee and Kentucky DOT approved rock and sand into 23 Tennessee and Kentucky counties.

Winn Marine

The Winn Marine terminal, located on the Cumberland River, actively imports and exports materials including sand, agricultural, and metal products. The imported materials are used both locally, and transshipped throughout the Clarksville and Montgomery County regions, while exported materials offer local business the ability to significantly increase the market area for their goods. Barges are beneficial to local businesses as they provide the lowest costs means to ship both raw material, and finished goods.

Laurel Aggregates


Chris Schweiger, Sales Manager
(304) 288-2493

Jim Yondura, Sales Representative
(304) 288-5118

Laurel Aggregates, founded in 1995, is managed by Barry Fink, Vice President and General Manager.

Headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia, Laurel is a regional producer of limestone aggregate products serving the energy and construction industries of southwestern Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, Western Maryland and eastern Ohio. Laurel operates a surface and underground limestone quarry in Lake Lynn, Pennsylvania (65 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA). Its reserves position ensures that they will continue to be a significant provider of aggregates materials for many years to come.

Southern Aggregates


Jason Jumonville, Sales Manager
(225) 667-5868

Southern Aggregates, founded in 2001 is managed by Kevin Black, VP and General Manager.

Southern Aggregates consists of several sand and gravel facilities located near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Southern is the preeminent sand and gravel operation in South Central Louisiana dredging material from the Amite River Basin.

We supply our customers with a wide range of sand and gravel used in foundations, road pavement and bridges. Our customers are located principally in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, two of the largest and fastest growing cities in Louisiana.

We have extensive reserves which will last over 27 years at current production rates.

McIntosh Construction


Mike McMillan, VP - Sales
(931) 648-8250

McIntosh is the leading asphalt manufacturer and related construction company in Clarksville, Tennessee. McIntosh produces asphalt at its two manufacturing plants and has an extensive paving and construction business. Manufactured asphalt is sold through McIntosh's construction business and to cities, counties and third parties. McIntosh was founded in 1968 by Tommy McIntosh who retired upon its sale to VantaCore in May 2007.

The business is now managed by Wayne Black and Mike McMillan, who had worked with Tommy for over a combined 35 years.

Rock used in McIntosh's asphalt construction business for base, curbing and asphalt is sourced from our sister company's quarry, Winn Materials, also located in Clarksville. This integration ensures a high quality, low cost material for our customers.

We pride ourselves on both the quality of our work and attention to detail. Customer service is continually recognized.

Corporate Headquarters

1201 Louisiana Street, Suite 3400
Houston, TX 77002

Perry Donahoo
Chief Executive Office
(713) 751-7566